SEHTA 2020 International MedTech Expo & Conference

The SEHTA 2020 International MedTech Expo & Conference took place on 28th September 2020. Originally scheduled to take place in March, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and successfully took place as a digital online event.

SymlConnect formed part of the exhibitor line-up providing a 3 minute exhibitor video by Sabarna Mukhopadhyay (CEO) and Neil Sutton (Digital Design & Marketing Manager). The virtual meetings are being followed up to explore collaborations.

Mediwales MediWales LifeStoriesLive Webinar

SymlConnect was proud to join the MediWales LifeStoriesLive webinar series on 22nd September 2020. SymlConnect’s CEO, Sabarna Mukhopadhyay’s presentation was on ‘Digital transformation, empowering patients to promote clinical monitoring and efficiency’. The webinar series brought together a range of speakers informing how the life sciences community has responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic through adaptation, innovation and collaboration.

Sabarna spoke of Syml’s innovative modular framework, how our technology is being used to tackle care monitoring concerns during the lockdown situation and beyond.

View the MediWales LifeStories Live: Digital Health Transformation webinar