NEW 'COVID Monitoring@Home' overview


Engage and empower patients to enhance simple and safe COVID Oximetry at home remote data collection. GPs view prompt interactive reports for speedy identification of priority patients.

All patients are assessed in a cost-effective manner, without compromising the resource time.

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Syml Patient+Remote is a reactive, impactful and cost-efficient patient-clinician remote solution for the primary and community care organisations, without compromising the already stretched resources.

Access to accurate time-critical patient health data has an immense impact on clinical monitoring and preventative care delivery measures. The ongoing unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis augmented this severity, immeasurably. Further monitoring delays on a national scale is being experienced due to the reduction in the standard face-to-face consultations. With innovative use of intelligent communication technology, patient monitoring could be dramatically transformed with simple user-friendly digital engagement. Empowering patients to provide the required information from their personal devices, in the comfort of their own homes, automates bulk patient monitoring without claiming extra consultation time, where avoidable.

Whilst all patients are monitored seamlessly, the clinical time is more efficiently spent on identified priority patients. An advanced, real-time interactive data visualisation feature provides Clinicians with powerful threshold alerts for early preventative interventions. Syml’s uniqueness lies in the multi-tiered modular configuration using data capturing, data access, protocol building, communication technology and integration engines with existing GP systems. Syml Patient+ was designed to address a direct demand from the clinicians, to reduce the numerous debilitating effects of manual paper-processing, experienced daily by healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

With the ‘Remote’ solution, GP practices can continue to engage and monitor patients for their clinical conditions even under the pandemic. The value-add of the fully integrated solution lies with the assistive technology and its analytical features. Patient+ Remote offers patients the peace of mind and competence to the clinical team with the desired continuity of monitoring of all patients, during and beyond COVID-19.