GP practices rely on paper-based forms and processes, engaging with patients to gather information for various purposes. Sometimes consulting time is used to capture data for clinical screening and monitoring purposes. The process not only hinders efficient use of their time, but also places them at a high risk of human errors and clinical safety. In amongst the turmoil caused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, primary care organisations simply cannot cope with the pressure of continued monitoring and the backlog being created. Innovative use of digital information technology is an obvious way forward, to dramatically transform patient monitoring and healthcare at home, wellbeing, and critical care delivery without compromising the already stretched resources.

Our aim in developing Patient+ Remote was created to address a direct demand from the providers, to address the numerous debilitating effects of manual methods on the daily workflow of healthcare professionals and administrative staff. With this integrated solution, clinical staff can continue to engage and monitor patients and their conditions remotely, saving time and prioritising those who need help, faster.

With the digital data captured from patients, an advanced data visualisation and analytics feature provides Clinicians with powerful prioritisation of urgent patient needs for faster decisive actions, preventing avoidable emergencies. Improving patient satisfaction and competence for the desired continued monitoring of all patients, beyond the COVID-19 lockdown period.