SymlConnect provides a secured hyperlink for organisations to display on their own websites, e.g. NHS, academic, clinics, community centres etc. The general public visit the link using their own devices to provide the online questionnaire responses. Any questionnaire could be customised according to the needs of the organisation/NHS, e.g. at-risk self-assessment for COVID-19 or any other underlining health conditions of prominence.

The public are prompted to select their age range, sex and their location within a specific or wider region via simple drop-down menus. The Syml_Analytics module generates intelligent real-time geographical mapping to identify and prioritise needs for the authority’s action. Prompt preventative measures could achieve measurable outcomes and, where possible, reduce additional strain on acute services.

Syml Analytics can also be integrated with existing clinical systems, enhancing remote chronic condition monitoring for patients in all clinical disease areas in future roll outs.

Population Monitoring of COVID-19 Spread and Alerts


RAG (Red, Amber, Green) alerting combined with regional mapping markers provides a powerful drill down into patient response data for further analysis and intervention decision making.

Syml_Analytics Data Visualisation