SymlConnect is responding to the NHS urgent call to support the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating during the COVID-19 crisis. Syml_LINCC bridges the Patient-Clinician communication gap with its remote monitoring ability. Healthcare professionals use quick processes to pre-assign digital forms to specific patients, who receive secure email links for data-capturing.

Intelligent Real-time alerts facilitates patient prioritisation. In this time of social-isolation, remote communication can be maintained to support chronic condition monitoring. Prompt preventative measures can be initiated by speedy identification of those patients requiring intervention before acute exacerbation. By triaging and treating patients in order of priority, healthcare delivery can be improved to achieve measurable outcomes and, where possible, reduce additional strain on acute services.

Monitor patients remotely without compromising patient care


LINCC is a web-based solution for organisational use, to facilitate prudent observation and enhance patient monitoring, anytime, anywhere. Enhancing face-to-face consultations and patient engagement to bridge the patient-clinician communication gap, especially for long term condition monitoring.

Experience the augmented efficacy with our intelligent and intuitive end-to-end software solution. It reflects the bespoke process flows and threshold notifications to accelerate patient prioritisation. Access to most recent patient information significantly reduces delays while prompting preventative actions.