SymlConnect present at CALIN@Cardiff – September 2017

Symlconnect presented at CALIN@Cardiff on 13th September 2017, highlighting technological solutions to the demands on acute and community care. The Cardiff University Life Science Hub Wales played host to this networking and business development opportunity, specifically held for Irish and Welsh life science businesses in the Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network.

SymlConnect present at CALIN@Cardiff – September 2017

SymlConnect partnered with Cardiff University, Bangor University, Tyndall and J&C development to be awarded the CALIN project, ‘ Minimally-invasive clinical monitoring and data transference in patients’ using micro-needles to identify specific bio-markers.

SymlConnect’s Chris James addressed the delegates with an informative discussion on the benefits of wearable device monitors and machine learning to detect at-risk signals, helping to generate threshold alerts to family or primary care staff. The innovative approaches allow for secured remote communication, cost savings in relation to duplication and paper based communication, improved clinical time efficiency and informed decision making.

The CALIN Project team: Professor James Birchall, Dr Sion Coulman, Dr Chris Gwenin, Dr Conor O’Mahony, Dr Sabarna Mukhopadhyay and Mr Chris Williams

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