Syml modular framework provides independent off-the-shelf smart devices to bridge the Patient-Provider/Carer communication gap with its remote monitoring ability and auto-updates to a recipient, requiring no action from the users of the digital devices. The Syml application will run on their smartphone and communicate directly with the devices to automatically capture and transfer the device reading, with agreed notifications, to the appropriate recipient.

Intelligent real-time traffic light type alerts facilitate patient prioritisation on the recipients’ part. Prompt preventative measures can be initiated by such speedy identification by a family member, Carer or even an NHS provider. Syml integration capabilities can transfer the data to NHS portal or indeed to clinical systems, as agreed by the NHS organisations implementing such home-based remote monitoring devices and systems. By joining hands with family, social care, community care and treating patients in order of priority, the healthcare delivery can be improved to achieve measurable outcomes and, where possible, reduce additional strain on acute services significantly.
Such data could be used to create geographical mapping too identifying at-risk areas, especially under circumstances such as COVID-19 spread.

Third party device integration with Syml Analytics

Third Party Device Integration and Syml_Analytics