Research And Development Projects:
Dementia Sufferer Intelligent Location Tracking Project

Wearable interconnected mobile devices coupled with advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) have a transformative capability to assist in care of the elderly, whilst ensuring that online user data privacy remains paramount. Dementia is widely associated with the aging society, with social interactions and physical activities play a key role in maintaining a healthy mental state and quality of life.

SymlConnect provided support to the novel Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) project as an industrial partner, which aimed to design a cost effective, A.I. powered monitoring system requiring the user to carry a mobile phone whilst wearing a fitness tracker, utilising onboard bluetooth and home based WiFi.

Deep learning using Recurrent Neural Networks were used for predicting timeline sequential patterns and trends. Three dimensional accelerometer readings and GPS data generated by the smartphone provided a rich data set from which abnormalities in trajectories of normal/likely routes taken by the wearer could determine severity of risk to the user, also taking into consideration the time of day, weather conditions plus distance travelled. Whilst the surveillance of the subject has to remain non-invasive, alerts containing location and recent movements could be shared with an assigned carer, to facilitate a swift recovery.


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