Sample projects completed:

Sidhu Pharmacy - Anonymised Pharmacy Survey

Sidhu’s Pharmacy was proposing to relocate to a new Health Centre facility at a hospital site. The Pharmacy needed to ascertain what actual impact the relocation might have on patients accessing pharmaceutical services from this pharmacy.

The digital survey provided a means of capturing patient opinions and responses, ranging from the primary purpose for visiting the pharmacy, impact severity as a result of relocation, plus the means used to travel there. The collated rich data set enabled the production of reports to analyse and assess the possible repercussions of the move.

Working with Syml to produce an automated pharmacy survey via an application, has been extremely simple & efficient. Traditionally this has not been possible in pharmacies and has been done manually, which introduces errors. Automating has allowed for improved & objective analytics which can be used to evidence hypotheses for NHS stakeholders.

Syml clearly understood customer requirements and adapted where necessary within tight timelines. As a consultant representing multiple Healthcare clients, I will definitely be recommending Syml for future projects.

Nitin Koria

Director, Healthcare Plus Consulting Ltd
Momentary Assessment Tool for Workplace Health Intervention, Swansea University Sport & Exercise Sciences

Bespoke questionnaire links were sent out to registrants via email at pre-set frequencies. Recipients made use of their own personal devices for data capture. Anonymised responses were used to create an intelligent databases identifying missing responses. The CSV file exported from the collated database was used for further analysis by the client.

We have worked with SymlConnect to develop a range of momentary assessment tools for a workplace health intervention.

The team were great at designing the questionnaires to our specific needs and we have been very satisfied with the end product which has done everything that we discussed at the onset.

Dr Melitta McNarry

Associate Professor - Sports Science, Swansea University
Friends & Family Test - Anonymised Standard NHS Feedback Questionnaire For GP Practices
Developed as a means to help service providers receive crucial feedback to determine whether patients are happy, or identify where improvements need to be made in delivering care or treatment. SymlConnect's digital version is accessed via a QRCode poster, by simply scanning the code using their personal smartphones, patients can anonymously express their views. The questionnaire can also be sent to patients via email or SMS as a secured link, to be completed remotely from their home.

Analytics functionality auto-generates population reporting at the touch of a button.

Patient Satisfaction

A sample Patient Satisfaction questionnaire, designed by primary care clients to assess the impact of digital remote monitoring. An example statistic shown here as piloted by forward thinking healthcare professionals at Ascot Medical Centre. Over a few weeks, from a total of 120 patients the centre received 81 completed NHS Health Check responses, no appointments were required, reducing previous admin time requirements to mere minutes.

Productivity increased and added value benefits were realised with the ability to send out 81 blood forms, 15 patients identified for bowel cancer screening, plus 9 new appointments were arranged for smoking cessation and PAP tests.

Clinical Service Feedback Survey

High quality patient feedback data capture and powerful reporting assists clinicians to pinpoint specific issues highlighted by the responses gathered. Customisable RAG (Red, Amber, Green) threshold alerting provides invaluable insight for management to make appropriate changes to increase patient accessibility, communication and services as feasible.

Interactive data drill-down and automated chart visualisations allow for fast interpretation of service users' concerns. In-built smart intelligence has the capability to highlight priority concerns for immediate planning or action to mitigate risks and improve service users’ satisfaction level.

By taking full advantage of digital information technology, any organisation or service provider can transform outdated processes and internal workflows to enhance clinical their own efficiency in a simple, yet powerful process.