Research And Development Projects:
Award Winning Digital All Wales Maternity Record Application

A Bevan Exemplar, now awarded the MediWales Innovation Award 2018, the simple, yet dynamic system, was co-designed with midwife team of Powys Teaching Health Board. The vision was to intelligently replicate ante-natal clinical processes even during visits by the community midwives. The offline access to clinical history and input of data according to the needs of the consultation enhances the clinical time efficiency, reduces duplication and saves costs. The entire folder gets saved in one secured server, enabling multiple users access for seamless sharing of updated data. Expectant mums are empowered via a personal Mum’s App providing access to their read-only up-to-date copy of their full maternity ‘All Wales Maternity’ documentation, improving quality of data and accessibility anytime.

Two years of partnership with SymlConnect has been an amazing learning curve for me as a clinician working with industry. The project was to streamline record keeping processes, reduce the duplication in the system and improve safety by introducing smart reminders into the All Wales paper maternity hand held record via a paperless electronic format. The prototype version is bright and user friendly and does contain all of the information required for a woman's pregnancy. We have been able to commence the development of further smart additional pop ups to the record that alert midwives to correct care pathways and essential safety features for women who had additional risk factors. A Mum's app allows a mother to transit across geographical areas without interruption to her care pathway.

Being part of the project group I have valued the opportunity to share my clinical expertise and learn from my industry colleagues about IT development. The project has been interesting in building networks and negotiating with users, NWIS and Midwives on what they want and need for the service.

Marie Lewis

Consultant Midwife, Powys Teaching Health Board