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GSK - RIW Data Collection System

Syml_DCS process flow diagram

A collaborative research project funded by GSK and led by Respiratory Innovation Wales (RIW) to create a Data Collection System (Syml_DCS) for Community Pharmacies across three Health Boards in South Wales. The project was to investigate whether specialist pharmacists could support regular monitoring of Asthma and COPD patients, to free up GP consulting time for more urgent patients. Health care monitoring efficiency would be realised with all patients receiving their regular monitoring highlighting priority needs, who would then be referred for GP time use. Regular monitoring reduces emergency situations and therefore, emergency needs or hospital admissions.

Syml’s Cloud Based Data Collection System required to include access to the Asthma Control Test Questionnaire (ACT), PREMs questionnaire and the COPD Assessment Test (CAT) questionnaire, for the patients to complete on secured tablets while visiting their Community Pharmacists. A 12 weeks follow up reminder was designed for patients, sent via either text or e-mail messages. Patients were to click the secured links and complete their assigned ACT/CAT and PREMs Questionnaires for further review and clinical monitoring remotely.

System access was managed by Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with each role being allowed specific pre-designated functional access (Community Pharmacists, Patients, and System Admin). System Admin required access to the data for the purposes of monitoring progress and for the ability to add records manually (where paper based follow up is necessary). The Syml_DCS system backend allowed RIW to extract the anonymised data from the system database in .CSV format for analysis and reporting purposes.

SymlConnect develops proprietary cloud and browser-based web applications for remote monitoring, customising the system to the exact requirements for specific featured functionality proposed for the GSK-RIW Data Collection System.

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