Time & Cost Benefits Realisation

A paradigm shift to facilitate clinical monitoring, screening, at-risk assessments and other information gathering needs, especially following the COVID climate, lies in remote patient engagement. The future-proof interoperable solution that automatically updates patient records and makes life easier for patients and clinical providers is realised with Syml_Patient+ Remote. Whilst sustainable time and cost benefits were crucial, Clinical Leads placed paramount importance on the efficiency gain that the processing simplicity provides.

Patient experience

Technology is no longer a barrier for older generations who are keen to introduce technology into their everyday lives, with reportedly half of older adults being active online.

Syml Patient+ Remote is a reactive, impactful and cost-efficient remote patient-clinician engagement solution for primary and community care organisations, without compromising the already stretched NHS resources. It provides the means for prudent health monitoring, to quickly target and manage the increasingly varied needs of a continually expanding ageing population nationwide with co-morbidities.

Patient+ Remote empowers patients through secured request and provision of healthcare question response data, using their personal devices from home. Crucial patient feedback can be provided through practice-specific surveys to determine which processes require improvement or modification, plus build a more detailed overview of patient trends, resulting in improved overall patient experience.

Patient+ Remote offers patient’s peace of mind and clinical team competence with the desired continuity of monitoring of all patients, reducing anxiety, stress and strain.

Time efficiency realised

The traditional working protocols are well recognised to be inefficient to tackle the current challenges with resource availability and timely care giving. Syml Patient+ was designed to address a direct demand from the clinicians to reduce the numerous debilitating effects of manual paper-processing, experienced daily by healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

The solution automates bulk patient monitoring, and crucially, the identification of patients yet to be included within disease registers – avoiding the need for extra consultation or administrative time.

Advanced, real-time interactive data visualisation features provide Clinicians with powerful threshold alerts for early preventative interventions. Whilst all patients are monitored seamlessly, the clinical time is spent more efficiently on ascertaining priorities and at-risk patients.

Better monitoring

The solution is a remote version of Syml PatientPlus, enabling clinicians to 'assign' clinical, at-risk or monitoring questionnaires via secured email or SMS messaging. All patient responses and vital sign data received are filed back seamlessly to GP clinical system records.

Access to accurate time-critical patient health data has an immense impact on clinical monitoring and initiating opportune preventative care delivery measures to provide the best care. The ongoing unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic crisis augmented this severity, immeasurably. Significant increase in waiting lists on a national scale is being experienced, due to the reduction in standard face-to-face consultations.

With innovative use of intelligent communication technology, patient monitoring can be dramatically transformed with simple user-friendly digital engagement covering all conceivable question types.

Remote digital data capture has been proven to increase patient response rates over paper-based methods due to the convenience, particularly useful in rural areas. Evaluation of such patient health data would have previously taken weeks to process using manual paper methods, hindering a timely response.

With this secure and ‘remote’ solution, GP practices, Community Clinics and other care providers can continue to engage and monitor patients for their individual clinical conditions, even while reducing the traditional face-to-face consultations where avoidable.

Using information technology to simplify processes and enhance reporting

The value-add of the fully integrated solution lies with the Assistive intelligence and analytical features. Creating interactive reports, supporting clinicians with threshold alerting to identify priority patients and initiating prompt preventative actions. Avoiding life altering conditions/hospitalisation, and reducing the frequency of A&E visits.

Syml’s uniqueness lies in the multi-tiered modular configuration using data capturing, data transfer and access, protocol building, communication technology and integration engines with existing GP and community systems. It aims to improve the use of data within the healthcare by developing the right technical infrastructure and supporting local decision makers by sharing collected data from the real time reports generated.

SEAMLESS Clinical system integration

Patient+ Remote fully integrates with EMIS Web filing back the patient responses without any manual input requirements. The platform can also run in parallel within prisons and hospices. SystmOne and Vision360 compatible versions are nearing completion and will be available soon.

For more information please contact us today if using either of these clinical systems.

Patient+ Remote Brief overview
Patient Select
  • Individual or Group selection
  • Create desired target patient

  • Usable by all age groups, the underprivileged, ethnic minorities
  • Flexible logics and customised filters
  • Clinical monitoring, scoring or simple data gathering
  • NHS resources signposting and generic advice giving
  • Secured Email/SMS links
  • Consent dependent
  • Auto Frequency Scheduling
  • Auto generated for Admin and Management users
  • Multiple information giving for easy follow-ups
  • Real time Interactive intelligent reports
  • Prompt threshold alert identification
  • Re-assigning
  • File import for statistical analysis
File back
  • Seamless file back of responses
  • Auto invitation for QOF/QAIF with clinical coding

View the Syml DynaForms Patient+ Remote Flyer

The flexibility of Patient+ Remote met my exact needs. Customisation was on the top of my agenda, which drives my practice to realise efficiency as never before.

Whilst adaptations around QOF, saving time and improving patient care are crucial, I place paramount importance to the efficiency gain that the Syml simplicity provided us.

This makes it an online consultation on steroids!...

Dr Edward Williams

Senior Partner, Ascot Medical Centre - Heatherwood Hospital

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