Patient Mobile Apps: MumsApp

Wales uses an ‘All Wales Maternity’ hand-held record, with some Health Boards implementing separate hospital in-patient electronic records. Powys feeds into 11 different District General Hospitals, all using different systems that cannot communicate with one another. The paper document is reliant on a woman remembering to carry it with her, dependent on DGH colleagues to update it and with no back-up copy should the record be lost or damaged.

A Bevan Exemplar awarded project: ‘Electronic Community Pregnancy Health Record’ sustained the Partnership programme with Powys Lead Midwife, LHB managers and the midwife team, SymlConnect acted as technology partner along with a dedicated NWIS specialist nursing advisor.

Co-designed with midwives, the SymlConnect developed prototype follows clinical standards triggering prompts to improve data-recording. The solution ensures a more prudent way of responding to client needs and reduces duplication. Auto-generated Management Plans highlight essential information with added safety features. Intelligent logics provide intuitive support displaying data completion requirements, flagging risk factors to accomplish a superior level of care-delivery.

Additionally, a Mum’s app, built for Android and Apple devices, warrants possession of a read-only up-to-date copy of the clinical records providing accessible data especially in emergencies. Personal health questionnaires and information leaflets could be e-transferred to the Mum’s app.

Easily transportable data, seamless communication, and the resulting positive impact for unbroken clinical care provision with effective decision-making, are all essential benefits for saving mothers and babies’ lives.