My Care Neuromuscular Dystrophy

A Wales Health Tech Challenge award winner, ‘My Care’ digital application was developed to digitise the’ All Wales My Care’ paper version perceptively, which is currently held by patients with Neuromuscular Dystrophy.

The vision was to create a personalised digital care document easily accessible by the patients and their carers remotely, while enabling full sharing of the important clinical information and alerts with their multi-disciplinary specialists, anytime, anywhere. The system has been co-designed with Neuromuscular Dystrophy Specialists to reflect their critical needs, resulting in a customisable, scalable and sustainable solution with full integration capabilities with NHS Clinical Portals and other systems. The application has support from Muscular Dystrophy UK team to scale up with the aim to support clinical and cost efficiency, and is viewed as a life saver in emergency cases.

I have been very satisfied with SymlConnect's endeavours to reliably reproduce the paper record in a user -friendly manner that as closely as possible reflects the original record, including simple measures like use of colour to help distinguish different screens or pages. What changes have been made, in my opinion enhance the advantages of an electropnic record over a paper record.

I would like to commend the SymlConnect team for their efforts in making changes, for listening to our suggestions, and for being ready to adopt and change MyCare as issues have arisen.

Dr Mark Rogers

Macmillan Consultant Clinical Geneticist and Honorary Senior Research Fellow